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Mentorship in the modern age is a lost art in all professional pursuits, however the industry which stands to suffer the most is construction.  Whether it is the trade installation of crafts workers or the management capabilities of project management personnel, the detrimental impact to the construction industry is the same.  My primary reason for shifting the focus of my career, to education in lieu of actual construction, was to revive and restore mentorship to a wider range of construction professionals.

I was fortunate to learn from some of the best construction professionals in the industry during an era where mentorship was a valued practice.  In the process of sharing my knowledge I have been the benefactor of even more knowledge gained from the learning process with my students.  They have taught me that learning is possible as long as you are open to it and have in fact mentored me in how to be a better teaching professional.  I want to thank my students, my mentors, and the University of Houston for the opportunity to effectively share my life’s work.

This site is dedicated to the principle of learning in the fields of construction and education, specifically curriculum and instructional technology.  Anyone can learn if you apply the principles of dedication, desire and hard work.  Collaboration is important to advance knowledge so I encourage you to share your insights to create a learning environment.

Associate Professor Lana Coble (2009-2012)

Spring 2012 Winning Team Presentation CM Capstone Course

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