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My pursuit of my doctorate in the field of Education, more specifically, Curriculum and Instructional Technology is ripe with change.   Technology develops at a rate which is staggering when compared to most fields and requires diligence to stay apprised of recent innovation.  This repository is dedicated to continuous developments in the field of curriculum and instructional technology.

For those of you who are not in education, you may find some of these posts contain interesting tools to utilize in your own studies or group project activities.

Recommended Web 2.0 tools for students in the Construction Management Program at the University of Houston.  (click to watch video concept of tools)

Residency Portfolio

Web 2.0 Tools



  • Analysis Of Undergraduate Student Success On The National AC Level 1 Certification Exam  2015
  • Professional Construction Certifications – Survey and Factor Analysis  2016
  • Masters Thesis-Tilt Wall Construction Methods  1980

Presentations, Program Development, and Publications

Program Evaluation

  • Training Program Evaluation for Construction Project Managers with Cost Investment vs. Payback  2014
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