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Interagency Mentor Protege Program

The City of Houston, Houston Independent School District, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, and the Port of Houston Authority have teamed together and created the Interagency Mentor Protégé Program (IMPP).  IMPP exists to strengthen effective working relationships and foster long term stability between the leaders of established companies and emerging historically underutilized businesses. The goals of the IMP Program are to enhance the business skills and broaden the base of historically underutilized businesses by providing the knowledge and experience of established firms.
Benefits for participating in IGPS include but are not limited to:
  • Creation of a Business Development Plan
  • Create and strengthen working relationships between established and emerging companies
  • Understanding of how to do business with a prime contractors
  • Technical Assistance in specific areas for protégés

The IMP Program is neither designed nor intended to meet any legal standards set by federal, state, local or other public agencies. The Program’s purpose is to pair firms so that a teaching relationship can be formed that each participant finds acceptable.

“Unlike Herrera, when Lana Coble started her career in construction nearly 40 years ago, she didn’t have a mentor to help guide her. Now as an IMPP mentor and HUB Manager at Tellepsen Builders, Coble said she’s at the point in her career where she wants to give small businesses something she didn’t have – guidance and the opportunity to succeed.

“The city of Houston is progressive and dynamic and anything we can do to help build a stronger community, I’m all about,” Coble said.

Coble said many new M/WBE firms don’t know how to communicate with key officials within their industry. It is her goal to help small businesses develop relationships to be more successful.”

Lana Coble CPC received the Outstanding Mentor Award in the Fall of 2013 for her work in developing the curricula and instructing the class on the RFQ process for businesses soliciting work from government institutions.

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