Dear Fellow Construction Professional

My name is Lana Coble and I am a construction professional pursuing a doctorate degree with an emphasis on construction education.  My area of focus regards the certification of construction management professionals.  Construction is one of the oldest careers and yet, a singular standard certification process has yet to be developed or emphasized amongst it’s constituents.  Our counterpart professionals, architects and engineers, have established their one standard of professional ranking while construction managers have a multitude of specialty certifications.  The purpose of this survey is not to evaluate the multiple construction certifications, but rather to gather your expert opinion as to which one of these best represents an all in one certification, similar to the architectural and engineering licensing.  Lastly, I would like your opinion on establishing a singular certification designation is important in construction management and how you would envision this process.

I have chosen to reach out to you as you are leaders in our industry and will influence future generations and the evolution of our profession.  Please take a quick 3 minutes out of your day to complete this survey as soon as possible and no later than March 25th, 2013.  The link to the survey is and it is also shown above in the header.  Once the results have been tabulated, I share them with you.  Thank you for your leadership and stewardship of our profession.


Lana Coble
Doctorate Student, University of Houston 

Coble’s Corner is my virtual city built on “old world”  values in the realm of “modern day” construction management and education.

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