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Available Now: Collaborative Risk Mitigation Through Construction Planning and Scheduling…Risk Doesn’t Have to be a Four Letter Word

Industry Leader Critiques:


“Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional; architect, project manager, contractor, or owner; and regardless the size of the project, this is a must read for all in the industry on how to ‘plan your work and work your plan’ for more successful outcomes.”

Mark Webb

Principal at Vizient

“With the construction industry challenged with a limited labor market, lack of skilled trades, competitive landscape, and reduced margins, it is imperative that owners mitigate their risk in all facets of the capital project delivery process.  With Lana Coble’s thirty plus years of experience in the construction industry, serving as a general contractor, owners representative, faculty member, and architect, she brings unique and proven experiences, and perspectives in this book through case studies that predict risks, with proven solutions.”

Spencer Moore, Vice President of Facilities Management and Operations, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

“Embarking on a large capital project is a challenging undertaking, even for a seasoned project leader.  There is so much at stake – tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, the ability for an Institution to continue its mission and Institutional reputation, to name a just a few of the larger risks.  It is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced.  Lana is neither of those, to say the least.

Lana has written a book, based on her long and extensive experience, to help both industry professionals as well inexperienced owners to anticipate those risks and challenges.  By doing so they can better plan for and ultimately manage the risks that come from designing and constructing buildings. 

Lana’s depth of experience makes her extremely qualified to walk the reader through these challenges.  She brings case-study experience to illuminate her concepts and assist the reader to better comprehend the ideas she wishes to share.”

Sidney J Sanders

Senior Vice President

Construction, Facilities Design and Real Estate

Houston Methodist

Program Manager

“Set aside those “how-to” project management books written by self-proclaimed authorities who’ve never managed a successful project.  Make way for Lana Coble who in “Risk Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word” provides highly useful approaches, specific tools, and sage advice on reducing risks to greatly improve the chances for project success.  As one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and owner-oriented project leaders I’ve ever known, you can be assured her recommended techniques and scheduling practices have been tested in her “laboratory” of real world projects. For me, she led very large, complex projects in Houston’s dense and cramped Texas Medical Center and achieved outstanding results while gaining the respect of all who worked with her.  Finally, a book has been written by a proven project authority based on doing, not on philosophy. “

James A. Broaddus, Ph.D., P.E.


The Broaddus Companies


“This book will be a great resource for anyone who wants to understand the importance of integrating project planning (managing risks) with scheduling.

 To most designers / architects’ project planning and schedule creation are two separate and distinct exercises.  Dr. Coble’s book explains the difference between the two and how integral they are to a project’s success. Congratulations on an informative and timely read!!”

Gus Blanco, AIA, ACHA

EYP Architecture & Engineering

Construction Agency

“While the commercial construction has made great strides in utilizing the latest technology and advancing less contentious procurement practices, delivering a high-quality construction project on time and within budget remains a complex proposition. In “Risk Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word …” Dr. Coble presents in a very systematic way, strategies and implementation measures that go a long way in enhancing the likelihood of a successful project for all involved.”  

Jerry Nevlud, President/CEO

Associated General Contractors of America | Houston Chapter

General Contractors

“Risk Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word” Dr. Coble’s passion for effective, team-oriented planning and scheduling shines through. The manuscript lays out a great roadmap for those un-familiar with effective project schedule management and provides a well -stocked tool box to build upon. Great Read!

Thomas Kulick
General Superintendent Hensel Phelps

“I have worked with Lana Coble for 20 years and from day one it was obvious that she possessed that innate ability to get things DONE!  It has led to an association (and friendship) that benefits our clients and the construction community.  Well done, Dr. Coble, I am looking forward to our collaboration on your next literary effort, “The Art of Pre-Construction.”

Guy Cooke,

Preconstruction Manager Tellepsen

“From personal experience, I know Dr. Cobles’ energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to collaborative and effective project schedule management.  For someone new to the industry, or a seasoned professional, this book is a must read for anyone eager to achieve positive project outcomes and relationships. 

Dr. Cobles’ unique qualifications and experience from the vantage point of Owners, Program Managers, Contractors, Architects, and Engineers alike provides credibility to the tools and processes outlined in this book.  If you want your project to succeed, this is a must read.” 

Michael Dwight
Director of Operations Hensel Phelps


“In a time when our industry is challenged with more complex projects being built ever faster, it is critical that we understand the risk. Lana has been one of our best thought-leaders for decades on better ways and methods to build the most complicated construction projects.  In this book, she does an exceptional job of combining her experience and research to help us identify and minimize the risks that affect all members of the design and construction team.”

Graham Moore

President TD Industries

Project Delivery Consultant

“Risk mitigation…engaging stakeholders…project planning vs project scheduling…creating a culture of curiosity; all of these concepts are easily said but difficult to embrace both the art and science of their successful implementation for ultimate project success. Lana Coble is one of those rare technical talents that can explain those concepts but also specifically mentor folks in how to pull them off successfully…and in Lana’s case, in an emotionally intelligent manner. Read this book several times. It’s like a good novel, you will learn something new each time.”

Wayne O’Neill